Accept a variety of payment options simply, securely, and quickly.

Growth with Every Swipe

Increase your business volume without increasing your workload.

Simplify Business
and Increase Profits

Automating payment processing decreases errors and increases productivity. Time saved on managerial tasks leads to time available for your core business. Automate your billing and allow customers to set up and manage recurring payments. Keep your business organized and straightforward for your customers with ePayData.

Utilizing the reports generated from customer transactions, you can efficiently analyze and use your data to drive the direction of your business. Our full spectrum of tools can alert you when there is suspected fraud, compare your business performance, and create a customer database to increase conversion and build loyalty.

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ePayData provides a way for customers to make secure payments at anytime from anywhere

Fast and Flexible

We designed our software to be clear, easy to understand, and look beautiful. ePayData is customized to provide users a customized experience, depending on the device they are using. Our platform automatically adjusts to every screen size and provides the same key features, without losing responsiveness and clarity, regardless of the device customers are using.

Don’t limit your customers’ ability to pay. ePayData provides payment options that allow your customers to make payments at anytime from anywhere.

ePayData provides a way for customers to make secure payments at anytime from anywhere

ePay Donate

ePayDonate is a donation management and payment processing platform specifically designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations.


SurePay is an online payment management tool that provides the simplified business and payment process services that make your business convenient for customers.