The internet is an ever changing platform for conducting business, and you already understand the challenges that this fact creates for your business. It is up to you to harness this fast paced technology to attract and sell your customers. When it comes to processing their payments, you need to know that your merchant services provider is committed to staying ahead of the curve. At ePayData, we offer you just that.

Our expertise is not limited to payments processing. We have an extremely thorough understanding of eCommerce sites and how they operate. That's why we only provide you with applications that can integrate with any site, no matter how complex. With an emphasis on minimizing the path-to-purchase and keeping things simple, your customers will no longer have a reason to abandon their shopping carts

Optimized solutions

As you continue to expand your online business, ePayData will continue to provide you with the most current and optimized solutions to payment processing. you already have enough to focus on, whether it be split testing your marketing campaigns or managing inventory, let us handle the task of processing your customer's payments in the most professional way possible.

Bulletproof security

Your customers want to know that when they transact on your site, their information is secure. By ensuring that all of our services comply with PCI-DSS standards, you can earn your customer's confidence easily. And, as security upgrades are needed, we will automatically update your account.

Saving you money

Not only are our solutions the most highly optimized and secure available, but we offer them at remarkably low prices. Whether you are already accepting cards or just looking to begin a relationship with a merchant services provider, ePayData will provide you with a customized pricing solution to fit your business.


ePayData is a registered ISO of Merrick Bank, South Jordan, UT and Citizens Bank, Providence, RI

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